Calliope and circus band music provides a colorful musical backdrop for string and rod puppets performing circus feats on an open stage.
Toured Korea and Japan and featured at "Open House at Hollywood Bowl."

A lively variety production filled with the fun and wonder of marionettes performing their antics in full view! Lots of audience participation, an excellent choice for family concert series and festivals.

Myths of the Aztecs provides a fascinating glimpse of pre-Hispanic culture in Meso-America. Performed by two puppeteers and framed by Aztec temple sets, the production features colorful rod and shadow puppets depicting legends of those early times


Presented on a traditional European-style proscenium stage, this marionette production is based on Humperdinck's well-loved children's work. A perfect introduction for young audiences to the world of opera.

Appealing rod puppets interpret the favorite children's classic and perform within a proscenium stage in a "curtain of light." Awarded the "UNIMA Citation for Excellence."

Tribal folk tales dramatized by two puppeteer-actors and life-sized puppets are humorous yet authentic in their timeless message. Designs inspired by the distinctive art of the legendary Ashanti of West Africa.

Inspired by the unique musical score of Saint-Saens, this rod and string puppet program depicts the composer as a little boy creating imaginary animals from familiar objects. Spotlights music appreciation and creative staging.

Based on the classical musical tale by Peter Tchaikovsky and the music performed by The Berlin Symphony Orchestra, this wonderful puppet performance will charm children of all ages.

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