This is the Youth Choir from Riviera Methodist
Church on a Studio Visit.


Brownies from Troop #1111 visit JGPP Studio and
learn about new show, Myths of the Aztecs.

Troop #1111 Brownies tour storage area and
find even more puppets!



Poster display on studio wall. Venues and Festival performances by JGPP Puppeteers in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Iran, Singapore and Serbia.

LA and Orange Co. Guild members enjoy
a tour of JGPP studio.

JGPP puppeteer John Chambers and daughter
Aubree enjoy studio visit.  

Visiting puppeteer, Hobey Ford and Jim Gamble share a laughs and ideas on shadow puppetry.



JGPP creates hand puppet/marionette stage for
Palos Verdes Library

Staff loves their new stage.



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